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properties and that no additional time should be given and that process is an important code enforcement tool that is consistent with everything else that you have before you. >> commissioner lee? >> rosemary, could you tell us what are some of the outstanding items still that need to be fixed so we get an idea of what's left to do? >> [inaudible] field inspector steve has been on the site and he can quickly give you a running list of the things that are ongoing. >> well, not ongoing, but what's left to do as of now. >> sure, 24th street, number of violations about roof leaks, electric heaters installed in six units without permits. window sashes in disrepair.
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missing handrails or handrails installed improperly. and the roofing, there's several layers of roof. i haven't been up in a roof. i have some pictures. there's going to be at least three layers in certain areas. there's probably four or five or -- and the composition of the roofing is so worn out that it's actually frayed. so, and there are no permits forever having reroofed. so, i would expect that the original roof, the wood shingle roof is there. and, again, there's at least three layers of roof and i would guess more like four or five. >> through the chair, inspector, when you itemized those items, they're not huge dollar amount items in the picture of -- >> that's right.
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the roofing is certainly -- >> probably the highest. yeah. so, they're not really high. the other question i have for you, have you ever met the contractor out there? >> i don't believe i have. >> has ever been a contractor assigned -- >> she's had -- she has people who work for her. they have never been introduced to me as contractors. i view them more as laborers. >> okay, thank you. >> commissioner mel gar. >> do you know if there are any children under 6 living in any of these buildings? >> i don't know, but i don't believe so. >> okay, thank you. >> rosemary, do you know the cause of the fire? >> of the property that's now before you, the 3300 block, i don't know exactly what caused the fire. there were open violations at that building, which included smoke detectors and an illegal unit down on the ground floor area of that building and we
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did issue an emergency order at that location. >> no more questions for the department. appellant's rebuttal. [inaudible] electrical permits and the other permits, there was also another hearing on june 21st and they said there was -- there were no permits for the back staircase. i did get a permit in 2010. and it was completed. that was for the back staircase. and also the repeated violation notices about the heaters, they said they couldn't find any permit. i went to the permit section and found the permits within
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two minutes. they were to comply with the 3r report for the condo conversion. and i had the electrical inspection -- you have to get a physical inspection, and they -- ah, let's see. for the condo conversions, you have to do that. , and so, the electrical inspectors came out and they, you know, say on their reports what they want and then you comply with them. i had the electrical on both buildings. i was able to find it right away. so, they didn't spend a lot of time. for my experience, they don't spend a lot of time and i'm always accused of not having permits. i have to present them. and as i said, it's a very toxic relationship and i really
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have to have that changed. i'm 62 years old and, you know, i just can't take it any more. that's what i'm hoping for, some sort of change, but sounds like it's not going to [inaudible]. >> so, you say you do have permits for the heaters. yes. >> do you have them with you? i have -- these are from my 3825 through 29 [inaudible]. 38 31 through 35. this was 2009. this was for 2009. i have my -- did i give you my clcs? i don't seem to have them. >> yes. oh, okay. that's the revocation.
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[inaudible] comply with building and electrical and plumbing. so, there's conflicts between these departments and, you know, according to the building department, they passed it for the code violation, they were corrected. so, there's conflicts. >> commissioners, any questions? thank you. anybody care to make a motion or ask more questions? commissioner walker.
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>> i think that the conditions of these buildings is -- makes these uninhabitable even though people are living in them. and the issues of uncommitted electric heaters, those type of things, make it a real risk for fire. so, i would like to make a motion to uphold the department's recommendation, the abatement, and maybe allow for 30 days to take out permits and resolve these issues. >> i second that motion. >> so, i just want to clarify what commissioner walker said. so, could you flesh out -- you're basically saying that
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you find that -- the v. laytions that the department has issued on these properties are habitability issues, and make the buildings unsafe to occupy, even though they are occupied. and the potential risk for fire, the mold that we see, and the evident presented all are health risks for the people living in them. therefore, i believe that it is imperative for us to support the department's action of abatement and -- and allow for the maximum, i would, of 30 days to take out the permits and cure these notices of violation. * >> okay. so, if i could just clarify, then, you're moving to uphold the order of abatement? >> yes. uphold the order of abatement.
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allowing 30 days to complete the work based on your finding that the evidence as presented by dbi supports the director's order of abatement as i issued it? >> yes. that's correct. >> can i ask a point of information, if i may? is the motion that -- to issue a 30-day order of abatement? >> yes. >> and is that for agenda items 1 through 5? >> 1 through 5. >> okay, thank you. >> thank you. >> call a vote, sonya. >> is there any public comment on the item? >> none. >> seeing none, call the roll call. on the motion -- >> do you have a second?
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>> commissioner mel gar seconded it. president clench? >> yes. >> vice president mel gar? >> yes. >> commissioner lee? >> yes, i believe 30 days is fair because the type of violations left are not long and large items. we should be able to take care of it in 30* days, so, yes. >> commissioner mar? >> yes. >> commissioner mccarthy? >> yes. >> commissioner mccray? >> yes. >> commissioner walker? >> yes. >> the motion carries and the order of abatement is upheld. * >> item d, general public comment. is there any general public
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comment on regarding the abatement appeals board? >> seeing none. >> seeing none, item e, adjournment. is there a motion to adjourn? >> motion to adjourn. >> second. >> we are now adjourned at 9:55 a.m. we'll take about a ten-minute recess and reconvene as the building inspection commission.
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